Maor Zabar Hats |

My Love, My Passion, My Hats

Hello everybody, I am Maor, and this is my story.

From the beginning I loved the arts. As a child I was always drawing and painting. My grandfather was a tailor and I always looked up to him and watched in awe as he worked in his workshop. I studied fashion in school, but fashion alone wasn’t enough, I had a great love for the unusual and surreal and therefore also majored in costume design for the stage.

I always have had a soft spot for millinery and hat making, but did not have the opportunity to study it. It wasn’t until I crossed paths with a hat maker for theatre and took a private course with her that I had the knowledge I needed to make the creations of my dreams.

Here at Maor Zabar Hats we are making my fantasies a reality. We work hard to bring you new and beautiful art pieces to adorn yourself with. There is nothing ordinary about our hats. From the bright colors to the hand felted food, we bring you the surreal and imaginative.

Everything in this studio is 100% hand made. That means each piece of wool felt, natural linen or delicate silk is stretched over a hat block or a shape to make the perfect creation. Each bead is carefully placed by one of us. Each hat band, each ribbon is carefully hand stitched. We also hand paint many of our hats to give a unique look of depth and perspective.

Our head pieces are always made with the shape of the head in mind. From fascinators to wide brim hats each piece is carefully shaped to give the greatest impact. Worn at different angles on the head, each piece serves a different need.

Our signature food hats are a great indication of the fun we have. Each carefully hand felted, hand painted and hand sculpted food item is placed and juxtaposed to create not only a life like appearance, but to encourage humor too. We like to imitate life, but with a great sense of humor and our own perspective.

Some people celebrate the idea of standing out and being unique. It is for them that we make these hats. Every time a customer puts on one of our hats, I know they are bringing art and joy to the people who see them, as well as for themselves, and nothing makes me happier.