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Virusology - A corona virus story for "Bella Magazine"

In quarantine, alone. Sterile and grasping for a touch of purity, some connection to the world. All that remains in this confinement is designing for the sake of art. Using recycled and re-purposed materials, to creating designs inspired by the Corona Virus, this project is the expression of our creativity from the safe imprisonment of our homes. This work shows the world that despite the difficulties and fears of today, this virus will not defeat our creativity, and inspiration can be found in even the darkest of times. https://bellamag.co/israeli-photographer-finds-beauty-and-inspiration-in-a-pandemic/ Photography - Shai GabrielyArt directing and style - Maor ZabarModel - Dinka KlebanovaHair and Makeup - Ben Kader         

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