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"Fashionably Naive" Exhibition at GINA gallery of international naive art

GINA Gallery curated an historic exhibition in which Israel's leading fashion designers will be launching a unique collection of apparel, hats, shoes and jewelry inspired by the world of Naive Art.   My attitude to fashion and creation process is how can I break the restrictiveregulations, develop new ways and angles to observe the making process and strive to give innovative, additional interpretations to the known reality. Naïve Art allows us- as a grownup audience- a childlike perspective on everyday life, optimistic and colorful. I perceive both genres (the worlds of art and hats) as parallel lines that manage to connect in few places. the six hats I have created try and show us a glimpse of these interfaces.On the hats, which are actually fascinators, I built dioramas that depict everyday...

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Workshops Around the Globe

Workshops at the East Village Hats in NYC- this October   Sculpting flowers in thermoplastic Sunday October 2nd and Monday October 3rd 2022 10am- 6pm with an hour for lunch sculpting techniques with thermoplastic is one of my favorite ways to create hats. It is a new technique which combines two materials thermoplastic and silk. As an artist it allows me to create sculptur flowers and other plants or organic shapes. I research them by studying their structure, outline and color and assemble them together using this unique technique. Once done, I turn to tend to the small details by painting, shadings and adding embroidered beads. Whether you are a hat making fan and want to experience working with thermoplastic or you are an artist who...

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