"Fashionably Naive" Exhibition at GINA gallery of international naive art

GINA Gallery curated an historic exhibition in which Israel's leading fashion designers will be launching a unique collection of apparel, hats, shoes and jewelry inspired by the world of Naive Art.


My attitude to fashion and creation process is how can I break the restrictive
regulations, develop new ways and angles to observe the making process and strive to give innovative, additional interpretations to the known reality.

Naïve Art allows us- as a grownup audience- a childlike perspective on everyday life, optimistic and colorful. I perceive both genres (the worlds of art and hats) as parallel lines that manage to connect in few places.

the six hats I have created try and show us a glimpse of these interfaces.
On the hats, which are actually fascinators, I built dioramas that depict everyday scenes, some active and some of an escapist reality.

The base of the hats is made of natural felt, that is being processed and shaped in our studio, on top of it the scenes were designed using miniatures and toys, that have been painted and their purpose has been changed to become a wearable art object.

The playful outlook of life that is being presented in Naïve Art as well as in my attitude offer us a tongue-in-cheek look at the present and, at the same time, allow us to manage and raise complex political- social issues and to criticize them.