Workshops Around the Globe


Blocking and Draping with felt 

Thursday February 23nd

 04:00 PM - 08:00 PM

friday February 24rd

10:00 AM - 02:00 PM


Felt blocking is one of the oldest techniques of hat making and one of Maor’s  favorite materials to work with. It allows to create sculpted hats with lots of

texture and depth. 

during this class we will explore the world of felt and create a beautifully blocked/draped hats by combining a few techniques. We will learn how to use wood blocks to create our base hats and drape felt while exploring its countless possibilities. Later we will manipulate the material, paint it, distress it and bleach it

as Maor guides you through the whole process. 

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Workshops at the East Village Hats in NYC- this October


Sculpting flowers in thermoplastic

Sunday October 2nd

and Monday October 3rd 2022

10am- 6pm with an hour for lunch

sculpting techniques with thermoplastic is one of my favorite ways to create hats. It is a new technique which combines two materials thermoplastic and silk. As an artist it allows me to create sculptur flowers and other plants or organic shapes. I research them by studying their structure, outline and color and assemble them together using this unique technique. Once done, I turn to tend to the small details by painting, shadings and adding embroidered beads.

Whether you are a hat making fan and want to experience working with thermoplastic or you are an artist who enjoys creating three dimensional object and care to learn an amazing new techniques, This workshop is for you. In this class we will learn how to manipulate these materials by making patterns, hit treatments, fold and reshape as well as exploring different coloring techniques. Finally, we will create the headpiece base and will attach all pieces together.

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Sculpting with Silk 

Sunday October 9th 
and Monday October 10th 

9am- 6pm with an hour for lunch

we will explore the world of wild silk (Dupioni) and create a beautifully sculpted headpiece inspired by Carnivores Plants collection.
Discover the endless possibilities of working with Dupioni silk from draping to silk painting to pattern making, You will then learn how to combine all the pieces
together to complete your creation.

A two days workshop learning to drape and paint silk to create fabulous headpieces - using amazing teqnics I developed in my home studio in Tel-Aviv

we will explore the world of raw silk (Dupioni) and create a beautifully sculpted headpiece.

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